Element Poster Project:(2008)

Creating posters on specific topics can be quite boring for you the student but also for me the teacher to grade.However, you do learn stuff from this process.Today, we are going to begin working on creating an element poster using the internet.When you complete your poster you will upload it to the class wiki.

Okay, so where to begin?

Collect information:
1.Go to webelements.com
2. Collect information about your element (write it down on this sheet)
•name of element
•atomic number
•who discovered it
•country first discovered in
Create Poster
1.Go to www.glogster.com
2.Create an account. It is free.Use the word raider-(your first name)
3.Follow the instructions to create your poster.You can use their templates or upload your own pictures.
4.Place the information you collected onto your glog.
5.Be sure to put your class period and your user name on it as well.
6.When complete save and publish.
7.You will get a window that has a code in it.Copy this code.

Upload to Wiki
1.Go to www.raiderphysicalscience.wikispaces.com
2.Click on your class period.The link is on the left hand side near the bottom.
3.Click on the edit this page button on the top right hand side of the page
4.Click on the TV in the tool bar.
5.Click on other HTML.A window should open.Right click and paste code
6.Click on SAVE in that window.
7.You should have a little square that says “media” .This little box will have your “poster” in it after the final step.
8.Click SAVE in the tool bar.
9.This will take you to your class’s page for posting your element poster.You should see your poster.

You must be careful when working within the wiki so that you do not invariably erase someone else’s work