How Did Electricty Change the Way We Communicate?

The telephone..The computer..cell phones.. all these are major ways
our communication has changed overtime. Lets go way back
to compare and contrast the way we progressed.

1.) The non-electric phone.

This phone was the classic string
phone. You can easily make this phone with a piece of string
and 2 tin cans or plastic cups. In order for this invention to
work this is what happened: When the string is pulled and
someone speaks into one of the cans the sound virbations
travel through the string and the other person then hears
what was said. Then the other person responds creating a pattern.


. . . compared to . . .

The modern electric phone: Our modern day electric telephone
comes in a big amount of varieties. Theres cordless and
ones that hook up to the wall. They are much easier to use.
They are not shaped like cups, and they arent connected by a
string! They come in many different styles, sizes, colors, shapes and so on.


So.. Between these two phones, I am pretty
sure that the electric phone was a positive upgrade in technology. It has definately improved our world. You can talk to someone in a different state, room, country, continent,town and so fourth. With the string phone you were practically limited to your neighbor!

Cell Phones

you can send email, go on the web, text people,
call from anywhere(they arent just compatible in your house),
take pictures, take videos and SO much more.
Cell phones are definately an amazing upgrade from house phones,
but both are very very modern, because people like having
house phones not just cell phones. Most people have both though!


Texting is EXTREMELY popular if you have a cell phone. You can
just start typing with your key pad, and there you go. Your sending
anyone who has a cell phone, with texting, a message. A great
conveniance if you dont want to call someone or if you not
near your computer to communicate. Which leads to my next



Computers are so important to communicate with people.
Heres a few ways to communicate with people on the computer:
AOL Instant Messenger, Email, Facebook, Myspace and SO many
others. Dont you think it would be a lot easier to Instant Message
someone in 5 seconds, rather than send them a letter in the mail
that might take a couple days to get there. Maybe its called
instant message because it really is an instant message.