Looking back to the 19th century, where there were horse carriages transporting almost anything, the way we move things and peole have not really changed. We all travel for the exact same reason, basically to get from place to place. The only thing that has changed is how we travel from place to place.
Technically, the way we travel has not changed. But how we travel has, we travel all for the same purpose. We travel in order to get from place to place. The way people traveled in the 19th century was by mostly horse carriages, then later on came the 4 wheeled vehicle powered by a electric battery.


Now, we use basically the same thing, but the technology has just advanced from what it used to be. It's all used for the exact same purpose or reason. Here in the 21st century, we have only built off of what the people of the 19th century had invented, I guess you can call it piggybacking off of their ideas.


~ It has changed us in a way that all of our main, or everyday habits could be different from what we would have done in the 19th century.
~ We are able to transport things,and people easier than it used to be.
~ We are able to be open to new cultures and ideas that come from other countries.
~ We can create more new technology because ideas from other countries can help us evolve in the same way other people have.

How did it all start?
People travel/transported themselves and other items by carriages powered by horses. Then there was the invention of the battery, in which powered the worlds first 4 wheeled vehicle. That is what was able to inspire the rest of the world to build off of that, to be able to create something even bigger, for example, all the new vehicles we have today

Who invented it?
Gottlieb Daimler (4 wheeled vehicle). He sold his first automobile in 1892. (germany, which spread to the U.S.)
built and designed by Charles E. Duryea and borther Frank Duryea in 1893. ( U.S)

What were some sources of travel in the 19th century?
-Cable Cars (1871)
-4 wheeled motor vehicle (1885)
external image brougham.jpg
external image brougham.jpg

Where has it lead to?
All the sources of transportation we have today came off of what was built in the 19th century. Our cars, planes, ships, etc. are what has brought us to what we have in our world today. Without all the sources of transportation we have today, we would have definitely been much different. Not necessarily saying that it would be exactly the same as it was in the 19th century, but a lot of our world today is made up of all different cultures that are put together to make our society what it is.

Congest. by –nathan.
Congest. by –nathan.

Congest. by –nathan.

What positive impact it has had on us?

It has made it so much easier to travel from place to place.
Items,products,etc. are easier to transport to other places.
More money because the amount of people you are able to sell your item to has expanded tremendously.

What are the negative aspects it has on us?
Since we are open to new ideas and cultures, it is possible if sicknesses could be carried over. Many problems between countries can be easily created because you are easily open to other countries.
Most of the technology that we have produced for all to use is supposed to help us in anyway it can, right? Well, I think that yes, it has helped us. But only in the fact that we are able to transport things from place to place easier than what it used to be. The fact that it could be hurting our environment is one of the negative aspects on this subject.

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