6th period: Put Out a Candle

Deavion Chase Caitlyn Tylar




A. mechanical energy pushing the cars
B. the cars start with potential energy and when we push them they move to kinetic energy
C. the two cars with kinetic energy hit the two balls with potential energy and made them roll which gave them kinetic energy
D. the balls with kinetic energy hit the book that had potential energy ans gave it kinetic energy because it fell of table
E. the handles with potential energy got pulled by the string which gave it kinetic energy and turned the water on
F. the water with kinetic energy filled the balloon that had potential energy and gave it kinetic energy to pop
G. the tacks with potential energy pocked the balloon with kinetic energy and made it pop
H. the water coming out of the balloon with kinetic energy poured water on the candle and put the candle out.


Justin, Travis, Yoani, Amber




A the ball rolls down the ramp
B the ball goes threw the tube
C the ball goes and hits another ball
D that ball goes down the ramp and hits another ball
E that ball hits the newton cradle
F the newtons cradle hits the dominoes
G the dominoes hits a cup full of water
H the cup of water hits the lit candle


Blake Adrianna Alexis

A: The ball rolls down the ramp and falls through a tube. ( Potential)
B: The ball hits another ball. ( Kinetic)
C: Ball hits a car.( Kinetic)
D: Car hits the domino's.( kinetic)
E: Domino hits the cup.(Potential)
F: The cup spills the water and starts the windmill.(Kinetic)
G: The fan makes the water spin out of windmill.(Electrical)
H: Candle blows out.(Thermal)


Gabe, Abby, Trey, Breosha

A. The ball rolls down the rim. (Potential)
B.The ball knocks the dominoes down. (Kinetic)
C.The dominoes hits the ball and hits another ball. (Potential)
D.The third ball go down the rim. (Kinetic)
E.The ball hits the see-saw and knocks down the cup releasing the water causing the candle to go out. (Mechanical)


Jamie, Kelynn, Shay, Drew


A.Ball rolls down the ramp (potential to kinetic)
B.The ball hits the marbles ( potential to kinetic)
C.The marbles hit the car (Kinetic to kinetic)
D.The car rolls down the ramp and knocks over the tennis ball (Kinetic to kinetic)
E.The ball rolls down and hits the water (Kinetic to Kinetic)
F.The water falls over ,spills onto the candle , putting out the light. (Kinetic to potential)