8th period: Open a Cola Can and Pour Cola into a Cup

Wes, Julia, Romarion, Jalen
A: I blow the dominoes and that makes the ball roll (Wind energy to kinetic)
B: The ball rolls down the hill (kinetic to potential)
C: The ball hits the car with the candle on it (potential to kinetic)
D: The car rolls under the string and stops (kinetic to potential)
E: The flame burns the string (potential to thermal)
F: The car is let go (thermal to kinetic)
G: The cart rolls down the track (kinetic to chemical potential)
H: The scissors puncture the can (chemical potential to kinetic)

Crystal, Sunita, Rey
A: We released the car with our hand down the ramp. (potential to kinetic)
B: The car hit the dominoes. (potential to kinetic)
C: The dominoes hit the bouncy ball. (potential to kinetic)
D: The bouncy ball rolled down the ramp to hit the hot wheel. (potential to kinetic)
E: The hot wheel rolled down the ramp and hit the metal ball. (potential to kinetic)
F: The metal ball went down the ramp and hit the flashlight. (potential to kinetic)
G: The flashlight slid and knocked the can off the desk. (potential to kinetic)
H: The soda went through the funnel into the cup. (potential to kinetic)


Jessica, Emmaleigh B, Brittany

A. We rolled the ball (potential to kinetic)
B. Weight is moved by the ball (potential to kinetic)
C. Ruler is pulled off ramp by the weight (potential to kinetic)
D. Ball #2 rolls down ramp (potential to kinetic)
E. Dominoes fall (potential to kinetic)
F. Car moves (potential to kinetic)
G. Weight #2 swings (potential to kinetic)
H. Ball #3 rolls down mini ramp. (potential to kinetic)
I. Can fall and spills soda into bowl (potential to kinetic)


Courtney, Sara, Amanda

A: Blew dominoes to make them fall over (wind to potential to kinetic)
B: Tennis ball hit weight to that fall off the table (potential to kinetic)
C: Toothpick came from under the toy car then toy car went forward (potential to kinetic)
D:Candle burned string (thermal to potential)
E: String lets go (potential to kinetic)
F: Car stays still (kinetic to potential)
G: Car goes down ramp (potential to kinetic)
H:Can spilling soda (potential to kinetic)


Jodi, Keith, Clay

A- Turn on the fan (electrical to wind energy)
B- Wind knocks over Styrofoam (wind to potential)
C- Styrofoam knocks over dominoes (potential to kinetic)
D- Dominoes hit the car (kinetic to mechanical)
E- Car hits empty plastic bottle (mechanical to potential)
F- Bottle hits the ball (potential to kinetic)
G- Ball rolls down ramp (potential to kinetic)
H- Ball hits 3 pound weight (kinetic to potential)
I-Weight swings and the force when it falls pops open the coke can ( can has a string attached to can, the string is also attached to the weight) ( potential to kinetic)
J- Coke pours into funnel (potential to kinetic)
K-From the funnel the liquid pours into two metal tubes straight into a plastic cup (potential to kinetic)


Jordan, Akasha, Dylan

A- The candle burns the string that releases the heavy metal ball
B- The heavy metal ball hits the dominoes that hit another heavy metal ball
C- The heavy metal ball hits a block of wood
D- The block of wood hits the car with scissors attached to it
E- The scissors cut the fishing line
F- The fishing line releases the hammer
G- The hammer knocks over the coke
H- The coke flows down the the funnel and into the cup