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2012-2013 student's will be posting a

2011-2012 students' projects click on the project link near the top of the links at the left to go to some of the work students are doing during the 2012 spring semester. The first project will be students reflections on what they learn about electricity during guided inquiry investigations. Students will also be adding......

Spring 2011
Get ready for Rube Goldberg! Click on the link to the left for instructions to completing a Rube Goldberg Design and Construction project!

This year (2009 - 2010), students will be using the Flip Video camera to record a speed experiment. They will then embed the video in a glogster poster and write out their procedures plus draw conclusions. Check them out here.=

Fall 2008

Semester Test Study Guide......HELP!

Okay, go to the study guide. Answer as many questions as you can. Do your best. Don't answer unless you are certain of the response others will be studying from your answers. When I check later, I will highlight answers that are correct so you will know for certain what the correct answers are.

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