Whats Is The Most Important Invention In The 19th Century America????

Some Inventions--
*Batteries- Started in 1800 first made by Alessandro Volta
*Motors- First made by Michael Faraday
*Generators- Hippolyte Pixii built a generator soon after Michael Faraday invented the basic principle of it in 1831
*Meters- In 1825, Leopoldo Nobili designed it for the telegraphs
*Arc Lamp- Humphry Davy in 1806 designed the Arc Lamp. This provided cities with their first street lights.

Questions(To Ask Yourself)--
*Why is it important?
*What do we use it for or how do we use it?
*Who invented it?
*Do a lot of people use it?

Alessandro Volta

*History Of Battery* (Key Points)
''Alessandro Volta,
Italian physicist, known for his work in electricity. Volta was born in Italy. By 1800 he had developed the voltaic pile, a forerunner of the electric battery, which produced a steady stream of electricity. In recognition of his work in electricity, the unit known as the volt was named for him. His first battery was a series of rings. His first offical flow of elictricty was in 1800. His dicoveries lead to many other inventions. ''

"John Frederich Daniell improved the Voltaic Pile. The Pile could not have an current for a long time. So he invented to Daniell Cell which was used to work telegraphs, telephones, and to ring door bells."--1820

"Thomas Edison improve it in 1898-1908 These batteries were good to use for industrial and railroad use. The batteries survived being overcharged or uncharged for long amount of time.

"Samuel Ruben in 1950 made the zinc-mercuric oxide alkaline battery, which was licensed to the P.R. Mallory Co. P.R. Mallory Co. this later became Duracell, International. Mercury have since been taken away from batteries to protect the environment.

"Even today scientists and inventors are working to find more improvements and new addictions for the electric battery."

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*If Unable To Hear This Is What Its Saying In Video*
If the battery wasn't invented a lot of things could not run. The batteries lead to many other things. Many people have worked and are working to improve the battery. A lot of work went into it. And a lot of people use batteries today. It was so exciting when the first came. We knew something big was happening. They put them in telegraphs and telephones so we could connect with others. We even used them for our door bells. They were in our cars. We could drive all around. And this would lead to other things. Batteries are so important the practically produce all our light. If you think about it we basically live on them. It has allowed use to do many other things. Just think about everything in your home. Do lots of things have batteries in them? I think so. I now hope you understand why this is the most important to me.

Then::Voltaic Pile 1805
Then::Voltaic Pile 1805
Now::Duracell Batteries
Now::Duracell Batteries


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