Who was the most important inventor of the 19th century?

What is their name?

Thomas Alva Edison.

What did they invent?
Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.

When was he born?
February 11, 1847
Where was he born?

When did he die?
October 18,

What other inventions did he become "famous" for?
He made the lightbulb, phonograph, kinetiscope, and the Edison Battery.

Did you know?
When he was younger, Edison saved a stationmaster's son from being hit by a train. Just out of appreciation, the station master taught him how to use the telegraph.

Edison patented over 1,000 inventions!

Edison worked for the Navy during World War 1, where he improved sumarines and flamethrowers.

Thomas Edison was slightly deaf.

What did his inventions do?
The phonograph was used to record and play sound. The kinetoscope was used to make early motion pictures. The Edison Battery is a storage battery made of nickel and iron in an alkaline solution.

phonograph by tandito.
phonograph by tandito.
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Edison Kinetoscope by elziard.
Edison Kinetoscope by elziard.