Chapter 14: Section 1: A Deadly Surprise!!!!
By Raider Hunter

Buried under what seemed to be ten feet of ashes, young geologist Mike Voorhies discovers what seemed to be a rhinoceros skull. As he continued his searching he began to find full corpses of rhinos, zebra like horses, and other prehistoric animals.
In Nebraska these animals died a good twelve million years ago. It was found by Bill Bonnichsen, from Idaho, that what killed the animals was ash from a volcanic deposit spot in Brunea-Jarbidge southwest Idaho.
What is amazing is that these two spots are nearly 1,000 miles away from each other, yet the ash still made it to Idaho damaging their water supply and making it a desert-like, hard to breathe place for the animals. This caused all the animals to die off.
What is also interesting is that this place I speak of is what most people today would know as Yellowstone National Park. It's been up to 600,000 years since the last eruption, but it is still a hot spot.

external image saber-tooth-cat-3.jpgsaber-tooth cat fossil

SECTION 2-3. Do We Really Know Our Planet?!?!?!?
By: Raider-Donnie
Is it hard to believe that Ford has been building cars, and baseball has played World Series longer than we have known about the core of Earth? We have not even gotten all the way to the core of the planet earth yet. Scientist estimates that the core is 3.959 miles from the crust. A geologist by the name of R.D. Oldham, in 1906, was examining some seismograph readings from an earthquake in Guatemala and notice that certain shock waves bounced off at an angle deep in the Earth. Because of these readings he concluded that the earth has a core. 3 years later a seismologist named Andrija Mohorovicic was examining some readings from an earthquake in Zagreb and noticed similar odd deflections, but at a shallower level. Mohorovicic discovered the mantle, a boundary between the crust and the layer immediately below. It wasn’t until 1936 that a Danish scientist named Inge Lehmann was studying readings of an earthquake in New Zealand discovered that there are two cores.

SECTION 4. Digging Deep!!!!

Scientist are starting to get frustrated because of their little knowledge of Earth's interior. Their plan is to drill a hole into the oceans floor to the Moho discontinuity and to extract a piece of the Earth's mantle for examination at leisure. They think that by understanding the nature of of the rocks they can be able to understand how they interacted, and maybe even be able to predict earthquakes and other events.
This project is known as the Mo