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What it changed

In the old days, people sent messages either on horseback or by wagon. It would take weeks or months to arrive.external image PonyExpress-3.jpg
Instead of sending letters via the mail, electricity allowed messages to be sent via wires which made sending messages safer and faster.
external image morse_telegraph_key.jpg
The telephone allowed for a broader range of people who could communicate using this technology, all you had to do was know how to talk.
external image dfp_500telephone.jpg
Later, the television allowed communication with pictures and videos.
external image Television.jpg
How it changed it

With each new invention, it allowed communication to be a lot faster, although it wasn't easier with the telegraph until the 1930's.
Although the other inventions broadened the range of people who could use these electronic devices.
They made it able for just about anyone to communicate electronically.